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Flying the Dragon tells the story of two cousins in alternating chapters. American-born Skye is a good student and a star soccer player who never really gives any thought to the fact that her father is Japanese. Her cousin, Hiroshi, lives in Japan, and never really gives a thought to his uncleA’s family living in the U.S. Their lives are thrown together when HiroshiA’s family, with his grandfather (who is also his best friend), have to move to the U.S. suddenly. Skye resents that she is now A“not Japanese enough,A” and yet the friends sheA’s known forever abruptly realize she is A“other.A” Hiroshi has a hard time adjusting to life in a new culture, and resents SkyeA’s intrusions on his time with Grandfather. Through all of this is woven HiroshiA’s expertise, and SkyeA’s growing interest in, kite making and competitive kite flying, culminating in a contest at the annual Washington Cherry Blossom Festival.

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